Castimo Mould Service

One of the most important steps of the High Pressure Slip Casting system is mould production. With a properly prepared porous resin mould, you can achieve a trouble-free and long-lasting production process.

Castimo has been manufacturing porous resin for many years and can provide single as well as multi-cavity pressure casting moulds. The moulds are produced individually on basis of the customer requests to ensure accurate reproduction of the ceramic model during high pressure casting.We diligently perform all processes from product design to resin mould production and offer the solution most suitable for you at competitive prices, in a short period of time. Upon receipt of the product details and the information about the used pressure casting machine type, the moulds will be ready for use. Porous resin moulds retain their shape throughout their extensive lifecycle, allowing high productivity, reduced costs, improved quality and a simplified casting process. We can make the design for you or start the production of moulds with flexibility of conventional and/or modern manufacturing process types.

Subsequent de-moulding of the casted ceramic pieces was never easier and safer.



Castimo can design a new product based on the requirements of the customer to meet the customer’s expectation. The customer can provide an existing mould, a fired product, technical drawings or 3D designs to prepare the required design for the final mould.



The chosen design will be optimized by using various improvement methods (CNC, CAD/CAM, plaster mould, etc.) A plaster mould provided by the customer can also be used for modelling and the further process, subject to required modifications.



A test product will be burned in the oven to verify the shrinkage behavior and additional important parameters.​



After successful production of a test product, a mother mould will be prepared.​



The case mould will be prepared from Araldite. This is the main mould that will be used to prepare resin moulds for high pressure slip casting.​



With Castimo Resin products, the final resin mould will be manufactured for the customer. The resin mould will include all necessary equipment that is required to be used on a high pressure slip casting (HPSC) machine (aluminium plates, mounting units, fittings, etc.).