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CASTIMO meets all your needs!

Explore our extensive product range.

Porous Resin

Efficient, Flexible and Reliable


Castimo Mould Service

From design, till production…


Mould Care Chemicals

Cleaning agents, release agents, paints.


Polyurethane Elastomers

The best alternatives for the ceramic industry.


Mould Making Equipment

All the equipment you need for mold production.


Abrasives & Sponges

Sponges, scotches and different types of abrasives…


Chemical Additives

You can get all the raw materials and chemical additives needed by the ceramic industry with the assurance of Castimo.

Ceramic Repair Kits

Scratches and breaks on your marble, granite, ceramics and porcelain are history!


Occupational Safety Equipment

Castimo offers business safety equipment that needs many sectors with a wide product stock infrastructure.

Packaging Solutions

All the materials you need for professional packaging.


Online Sales

You will find more at Castimo than you expect!

Laboratory Materials, Laboratory furniture, Industrial products, Occupational Health and Safety, Hardware Products, Kits, Chemicals, Biological Materials, Laboratory Coolers, Packaging Solutions.